3-Question rule before integrating a Digital Asset Management software


02, 2024

DAM, a digital asset management system that every brand needs, and every eCommerce site must have! Digital Asset management system – DAM offers a practical solution to the many repetitive and seemingly endless tasks that marketers deal with on a regular basis. But DAMn how do we start. here are the 3-Question rule before integrating a Digital Asset Management software.

What does a digital asset management software do?

DAM is a system that effortlessly manages, organizes, synchronizes, and distributes all the company/brand’s digital assets (photos, videos, audio, and large files) in one place!

Who is the target audience for a DAM system?

DAM is suitable for consumer goods companies, eCommerce, Creative/Design agencies and companies with a lot of social media activities. Say bye-bye to transferring files through Dropbox and endless emails.

3-Question rule before choosing a Digital Asset Management software

Reason 1: About DAMn Time. If you are still writing or getting emails like: Attached is a link to… it’s time for a change.

Reason 2: Time-saving. DAM software saves time by centralized storage for all digital assets, enabling file retrieval in seconds, automating communication and updates, and promoting seamless collaboration between teams. The result is tremendous time savings, fostering better coordination and communication between everyone, and All of this without the need to send emails back and forth.

Reason 3: B2B relationships. DAM software enables better collaboration, reduces inefficiencies, and improves brand control across complex B2B relationships involving multiple partners and stakeholders from around the globe. The system simplifies asset management, reduces communication challenges by granting relevant permissions, and ultimately helps businesses run smoother and more efficiently.

Let’s start with a basic fact: NO ONE WANTS CHANGE, except for self-help gurus, and by that, I mean they want to see change in their bank account. Before integrating a Digital Asset Management system into our company, we need the collaboration of all relevant parties. That’s why it is essential to identify who they are and begin involving, convincing, and explaining the big picture to them. The more they understand their role and the reasons it will benefit both the company and them, the better. Key participants, whether internal or external, comprise IT, the Marketing Team, the Content Team, Suppliers, Partners, PR, Creative and Design agencies, freelancers, photographers, influencers, and more.

If we are talking about Consuming the Romantic Utopia: Love and the Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism and the end of love⬇️ so probably Yes, it worth it.

Fifth Harmony - Worth It (Official Video) ft. Kid Ink

BUT IF we are talking about changing exciting systems, switching mindset and processes by integrating a DAM system, “Worth it” sounds a little bit different. .

5 “Worth it” questions we should ask ourselves before integrating a Digital Asset Management

  1. How much time was actually spent on tasks such as sending links, searching for files, ensuring we obtained the final photo, final design, etc.? (Ask employees to keep records for a month).
  2. Missing opportunities. Be honest. Last-minute sales, last-minute copy—cross your heart, have you ever not offered an idea or pursued something simply because it was time-consuming to find the right/perfect file?
  3. Can we really make the change? Do we have the top executives on board? Will we have a dedicated project manager for integration?
  4. Are we planning to expand? go to market, and we want a clean, nitty-gritty start.
  5. If your company has three basic products or uses the same photos more or less, it may not be worth it.

What is the best DAM software?

  1. Acquia
  2. Brandfolder
  3. Bynder
  4. Canto
  5. Cloudinary
  6. Demoup
  7. Image relay
  8. Intelligencebank

For More on each Digital Asset Management System click here

Digital Asset Management Software 1: Acquia

Acquia, established in 2007, is an American SaaS company that provides a digital asset management system – DAM, incorporating brand asset management across marketing campaigns, product launches, promotional content, and social media.

Digital Asset Management Software 2: Brandfolder

Brandfolder, an American SaaS company founded in 2012, offers a digital asset management system. Also, Brandfolder supports marketing and creative professionals not just with asset management and distribution but also with performance analysis.

Brandfolder - Digital Asset Management Software

Digital Asset Management System 3: Bynder

Bynder, a Dutch SaaS company founded in 2014, offers a Digital asset management platform. “Bynder helps you conquer the chaos of growing content, touchpoints and relationships. Unite. Create. Thrive.”

Digital Asset Management System 4: Canto

Canto, a German company established in 1990, provides businesses with a robust DAM platform designed to efficiently organize, locate, and distribute digital assets.

Digital Asset Management System 5: Cloudinary

Cloudinary, an American SaaS company founded in 2011, specializes in providing a DAM and content management system, focusing on videos and photos content for social media.

Digital Asset Management System 6: Image relay

Image Relay, an American SaaS company founded in 2002, provides a DAM system that unites all digital assets and product information within one platform.

Digital Asset Management Software 7: Intelligencebank

Established in 2009 in Australia, Intelligencebank provides a digital asset management system (DAM) that encompasses brand asset management for marketing campaigns, product launches, marketing content, and social media.

What is Digital Asset Management?

You’ve reached the end of the post3-Question rule before a Digital Asset Management software. Hope i answered What is DAM in asset management. What is the best DAM software and What does a digital asset management software do? To read more posts like this, click here.