Guess who had the best free viral SaaS marketing campaigns!


03, 2021

Well done, correct answer: Zoom. Zoom had multiple free viral SaaS marketing campaigns!

So let’s talk about Zoom and her best viral SaaS marketing campaigns so far!

Zoom, the pink and shimmering unicorn of 2020, will continue strong with us well into 2021. Zoom is a classic SaaS product. Until a year and a half ago (I wonder what happened in the last year and a half), Zoom’s marketing department was busy with the usual. Informative videos on how to use their services, free trial, customer management system, customer portfolios, and favorite acronyms for marketing and sales departments in startups like CTA and ABM have frequently been heard.

Then came Covid 19

From one of the dozens of global companies for video conferencing services, Zoom has become one of the top apps in the Apple App Store in just a few months. In a blog post on Zoom’s website last March, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan stated that in May 2020, Zoom had 200 million daily users, and in June 2020, the number jumped to more than 300 million daily users. In addition, Yuan noted that in December 2019, Zoom had only 10 million daily users.

Zooms viral SaaS marketing campaigns so far at the end of the post

I’m sure the CEO of Zoom – Yuan Eric, thought to himself, he had a great SaaS product that was just right for a time when people had to work from home. And rightly so. But he probably did not imagine that people would hold meetings using his great product without pants or with kids raging in the background and become part of this year’s viral and funny campaign.

In short, Humor, the open secret of the advertising world, has succeeded in marketing a SaaS product like Zoom, and it all happened without spending a single penny.

Before and After

Watch Zoom’s marketing video at the end of 2019, before the world changed

Zoom Phone Release Highlights - Fall 2019

In addition to the campaigns, watch a classic marketing video of Customer Testimonial from 2019

F5 Customer Testimonial

And finally, watch the viral SaaS marketing campaigns of Zoom customers for 2020/2021

Find the differences

'I’m not a cat': lawyer gets stuck on Zoom kitten filter during court case

2020's Most Embarrassing Zoom Moments

‘We’re toast’: Teacher drops off zoom call and 2nd graders hilariously try to behave l GMA Digital
Zooms viral SaaS marketing campaigns so far!

Last paragraph

In conclusion, perhaps you can rightly claim that Zoom is not responsible for the free advertising they received and were mega lucky. Who cares. Zoom won fair and square. Zoom’s marketing strategy continues as usual. But the zoom culture created from the viral videos continues to generate buzz, especially from those who forgot to turn off the camera.

SaaSy viral marketing SaaS campaigns
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