How to create a SaaS customer testimonial video that actually works


07, 2021

I do not think I need to convince you why you should incorporate videos into your SaaS marketing strategy. But I can recommend that if you do, do your SaaSy startup a favor and invest in a customer testimonial video. A customer testimonial video is one of the best ways to market SaaS products.

But Why?

Because you do not have a physical product, Honey! Do you have a picture? No, then what will you show your potential customers? A screenshot of your company’s Software? OMG, that is so boring! So, How to create a SaaS customer testimonial video that actually works? After countless views of various customer testimonial videos, plus a few videos I was involved with.

Here are 5 SaaS companies that are doing it right, interesting, original, and most importantly, Short.

At the end of the post – 5 tips for creating a SaaS Customer Testimonial Video that actually works.

1. Slack – SaaS Customer Testimonial Video

Slack, an American SaaS company founded in 2013, offers a chat system for organizations and companies.

In a new Customer Testimonial Video, Slack shows the employees of Sandwich using its platform from home. A classic Corona story

Sandwich works from home — in Slack

2. Shopify – Customer Testimonial Video

Shopify, a Canadian SaaS company founded in 2006, offers an Ecommerce Platform.

In a new video from Shopify, It does not forget the first law for a Badass Customer Testimonial Video. A Badass customer! And if there’s also an awesome product on the way. Well…

I went viral and almost lost my business | Shopify Business Comeback Story

3. Constant Contact – Customer Testimonial Video

Constant Contact, a Canadian SaaS company founded in 1998, offers a newsletter and campaign management system.

In a new series of videos, Constant Contact shows SMBs’ Stories, and this time, one cheese shop in such a Gilmore Girls‘ world where everyone is sweet and kind.

The Concord Cheese Shop | Big Small Business Stories | Constant Contact

4. Canva SaaS Customer Testimonial Video

Canvaan Australian graphic design platform, has decided that for its Customer Testimonial Video, it will select two cute young partners to explain to us about Canva. Dear Young Australians, Sold!

How startups use Canva

5. WIXSaaS Customer Testimonial Video

Wix, an Israeli SaaS company founded in 2006, offers a platform for setting up sites.

The Wix company is a champion for producing successful marketing videos. So it’s clear that the company’s Customer Testimonial Videos will also be exciting and fun to watch. Hi back Yehuda and Maya Devir

How Yehuda and Maya Devir Turned Their Comic Into a Successful Business

Five tips for creating a SaaS Customer Testimonial Video that actually works

  1. The first tip for a Badass Customer Testimonial Video is a Badass customer! If the customer speaks in a monotonous and boring way, the video will be monotonous and boring. Be sure to find an interesting customer who will gladly participate in such a video.
  2. Product at the front. In the end, a Customer Testimonial Video is designed to help us market our SaaS product. Do not forget that our potential customers need to understand the benefits of our product.
  3. A Customer Testimonial Video is still an advertisement. Do not go out to film without careful preparation, script, director, etc.
  4. The outcome must come quickly. Potential clients want to see success in the first ten seconds of the video and not wait forever.
  5. Hi Customer, Do you have a puppy or baby that can participate in a testimonial video, by any chance? #Attention Grabbers
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