5 New podcasts of stand-up comedians 2024 ☺️


02, 2024

Here are 5 New podcasts of stand-up comedians 2024

1. The Regz with Robert Kelly, Dan Soder, Luis J Gomez and Joe List

4 successful stand-up comedians from the New York area decided that, despite each having their own podcast and full-length stand-up shows on YouTube, they should come together once a month to discuss their experiences. Why, you might ask? Because Joe Rogan does something similar on his podcast.

New podcasts of stand-up comedians 2024 The Regz: Spotify Apple

Tennis Shoes | The Regz w/ Robert Kelly, Dan Soder, Luis J. Gomez and Joe List Ep #07

2. I Never Liked You with Matteo Lane

The multi-talented Matteo Lane, born in 1985, is a stand-up comedian from New York. Lane excels not only as a painter, graphic designer, opera singer and now as a funny podcast host. He was discovered as a hilarious guest on Andrew Schultz’s Flagrant podcast. You can enjoy a full-length stand-up series on his YouTube channel titled “The Advice Special”. His new podcast is called ‘I Never Liked You,’ featuring his good friend Nick Smith.

New podcasts of stand-up comedians 2024 I Never Liked You Spotify Apple

Matteo Lane & Nick Smith: I Never Liked You Podcast - Ep 1 POKEMON!

3. The Wayback with Ryan Sickler

Ryan Sickler, a veteran stand-up comedian born in 1973 and residing in Los Angeles, hosts another podcast titled “The HoneyDew.” Also, you can enjoy his full-length stand-up show for free on YouTube, titled “Ryan Sickler: Lefty’s Son.”

New podcasts of stand-up comedians 2024 The Wayback Spotify Apple

The Wayback #02 | Mark Normand

4. Anniewood with Annie Lederman

Annie Lederman is a stand-up comedian from Los Angeles, born in 1982. She is also a writer and a podcast host. Lederman co-hosts the successful podcast ‘Trash Tuesday’ with fellow stand-up comedian Esther Povitsky and podcast personality Kalila.

Anniewood Spotify Apple

The Best Podcast Bill Burr Has Ever Been a Guest On w/ Bill Burr | Anniewood Pod Ep. 53

5. Stavys World with Stavros Halkias

Stavros Halkias is an American stand-up comedian living in New York, born in 1989, who uploads funny videos from stand-up shows across the US daily, mainly from crowd work. Until this year, he hosted Cum Town, a popular podcast that made him well-known. His full standup special on YouTube – Live At The Lodge Room, crossed 6.4 Million views. In the beginning of 2023 he launched his new podcast – Stavys World. Considering he’s one of the most popular guests on the standup podcast scene, this podcast is going to be a hit.

Stavys WorldSpotify Apple

Stavvy's World #61 - Ari Shaffir | Full Episode

New podcasts of stand-up comedians 2024 funny podcasts
Stavys World one of the funny podcasts 2024

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