October Surprise: Seinfeld is finally on Netflix! Stream-worthy baby 2021


10, 2021

Half a billion dollars ๐Ÿ˜ฒ  is the amount that Netflix paid for the broadcasting rights to the Seinfeld TV series for five years.

One of the most popular sitcoms in the world, Seinfeld, has landed on Netflix this month and is expected to remain on the Netflix streaming site for the next five years. Dear Netflix executives, do not worry. I need two-month tops for this binging. I have already done the math. And here it is before you. Okay, so Seinfeld has 180 episodes. I believe I will skip a few. For the sake of calculation, let’s assume 30 episodes, most probably from the first seasons, which I watched in reruns during my student years. 150 episodes double 20 minutes. 3000 minutes. 50 hours. This will probably be the only series I watch over the next two months. Between four and five days a week for an hour. In short, Netflix, with me, you finish in a couple of months. And as you know me, Netflix, I’ll discontinue the service until next time.

At the time of writing, I am already two weeks into the binging. Everything goes according to plan.

After we are done with calculations, if you want to save valuable time but still enjoy this beloved series, check out the seven best Seinfeld episodes to watch on Netflix

You can watch Full episodes of Seinfeld on Netflix Dahh; You have five years to finish them all.

A couple of sentences about Seinfeld for those who have never watched the show: do we have here readers from generation Z? I'm so excited!
Jerry Seinfeld is a stand-up comedian and owns an apartment in New York City. He has a neighbor, Kramer, and two friends, George and Elaine. That’s it. Some claim, especially the creators of the series, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, that the show is about nothing. Netflix paid half a billion dollars for nothing. Interesting โ€ฆ

The seven best Seinfeld episodes Stream-worthy on Netflix

1. The Chinese Restaurant (Season 2, Episode 11) What happens when you wait for a table in a restaurant

The Chinese Restaurant - Seinfeld

2. The Pen (Season 3, Episode 3) What happens when you get a special pen

Seinfeld - The Pen S3:E3

3. The Parking Garage (Season 3, Episode 6) What happens when we don’t remember where we parked the car.

SeinFacts - The Parking Garage

5 Memorable 'Seinfeld' phrases People Still Use Today
Re-gifter: People who give gifts to others, which they themselves have received. Double-dipper: People who dip a chip, take half a bite, then dip the contaminated chip back into the bowl. Not that there’s anything wrong with that: Being politically correct Close talker: People who talk too close to us and we feel the need to move backward. Man hands: Women with men’s hands.

4. The Contest (Season 4, Episode 11) What happens when we stop …

Seinfeld: The Contest

5. The Dinner Party (Season 5, Episode 13) What happens when you stop to buy a gift

6. The Soup Nazi (Season 7, Episode 6) What happens to those who don’t respect the rules

"No Soup For You!" | The Soup Nazi | Seinfeld

7. The Little Kicks ( Season 8, Episode 4) What happens when you dance at an office party

Seinfeld: The Fusilli Jerry (Clip) | TBS

And now we just have to wait and see whether Generation Z will fall in love with Seinfeld as the previous generations did.

Seinfeld netflix october 2021
Will Generation Z fall in love with Seinfeld?

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