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01, 2024

Why do we actually review and rate products? Ask Daniel Kahneman. Why do we want our software product to be reviewed? That’s another story. Here are 3 Reasons Why We need SaaS Review Marketing + 5 Review Sites (SaaS listing websites) that your SaaS product must be listed on.

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3 Reasons Why We need SaaS Review Marketing

Reason 1: Awareness through SEO.

The sites listed here attract millions of monthly visitors and enjoy high search engine rankings. Moreover, Google places significant importance on backlinks. When other websites include links to our site, Google acknowledges this and rewards us with higher search engine rankings. When our company is on well-known and quality reviews sites, obviously links from our site are on these sites, and this brings us one step further to the first page in Google search results.

Reason 2: Trust through the wisdom of crowds.

Whenever we make a software purchase decision, we aim to mitigate risks and have confidence that we’ve made the right choice. The reviews, recommendations, and ratings provided by customers who have already tried our product play a significant role in elevating the trust of potential customers in both our company and our product.

When our company is featured in prominent review sites, it enables prospective customers to access a diverse range of opinions. This empowers them to make informed decisions and select the software product that best suits their needs. By leveraging the insights and experiences shared by others, we foster a sense of trust and assurance among potential customers.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. OMG

Reason 3: Check the product.

Yes, as strange as it sounds. Having a high-quality product is always important. When our company is featured in SaaS review websites, our products undergo thorough evaluations, receiving reviews and ratings from individuals who have firsthand experience with them. These assessments provide constructive feedback that enables us to gain insights into our software product and make necessary improvements.

Show me the money

In the end, investing in the proper review marketing strategy will result in more sales.

Show Me the Money! Jerry Maguire 1 8) Movie CLIP (1996) HD

To the definition, What is Review Marketing?

Review marketing is a Software/SaaS product marketing strategy that focuses on encouraging feedback (reviews/recommendations/ratings) from customers as part of a company’s efforts to attract new customers.

How do we manage SaaS Review Marketing strategy properly?

Deciding on which Review Sites to focus on.

Begging our customers to review us.

Top 5 Review Sites that your SaaS product must be listed on.

  1. Capterra
  2. G2
  3. GetApp
  4. Gartner Peer Insights
  5. PCMag Business Reviews

SaaS review site Capterra

Capterra, a US-based company established in 1999, provides the most extensive directory available today for businesses. This directory encompasses numerous software categories and contains authenticated user reviews and impartial research. Capterra’s website consistently tops search engine results in countless SaaS product comparisons. In 2015, the company was acquired by Gartner.

Don’t Search, Find | Capterra

Key Features:

  • Free company listing!
  • Divided into relevant categories.
  • 2M+ verified user reviews
  • 1,400+ software and service categories
  • A monthly traffic of over 3 million visits.
  • Access to GetApp and UpCity directories
  • Embeddable social proof badges and quotes from reviews
  • Reports, advanced reports available in the paid option.
  • Salesforce, Linkedin, Hubspot, Marketo integrations.
  • Lead Generation (pay-per-lead offering)
  • Account representative for listing and reviews support
  • Multi-language support.

SaaS Review Site 2: G2

G2, a US-based company established in 2012, provides a platform for sharing reviews of software products. It is utilized by business professionals, investors, and analysts.

Take the Risk Out of Buying Software

Key Features:

  • Free company listing!
  • Divided into relevant Software Categories.
  • Over 2 million Product Reviews
  • G2 Deals- Find discounts on top Software/SaaS products like Salesforce, Hubspot, and more.
  • G2 Track
  • G2 Managed Review Campaign
  • Integration Hub – Integrations with leading companies such as Hubspot, Marketo.
  • Advanced analytics to track prospects.
  • Track Prospects Visiting Both Your Website and G2.
  • CTA (call to action) buttons.
  • Live chat support.

SaaS Review Site 3: GetApp

GetApp, a Spanish company founded in 2005, operates a platform that houses a directory of recommendations and insights from real users, specifically tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. This resource assists in making well-informed decisions regarding software purchases. In 2015, GetApp was acquired by Gartner, and listing is done through Gartner.

GetApp | Where business leaders find software

Key Features:

  • Free company listing!
  • Divided into relevant Software Categories.
  • Over 2.2 million Product Reviews
  • Over 30k Software profiles.
  • Access to Capterra directory.
  • Reports, advanced reports available in the paid option.
  • Additional options to expand the sales pipeline and generate qualified leads.
  • Lead Generation (pay-per-lead offering)
  • Multi-language support

SaaS Review Site 4: Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner, a leading American business consulting firm founded in 1979, has expanded its influence by acquiring three prominent companies specializing in software reviews: Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice. These strategic acquisitions have bolstered Gartner’s position in the industry. Additionally, Gartner maintains its own dedicated directory specifically designed for anonymous peers reviews of software products.

Gartner Peer Insights, Explained | Drive Technology & Business Decisions With Verified Peer Reviews

Key Features:

  • Free company listing!
  • Divided into relevant categories.
  • A quality directory that addresses the most important inquiries of prospective customers.
  • Over 595,000 Gartner-verified Ratings and Reviews.
  • Free access to more than 175,000 peers.
  • Reviews widget.
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant.

SaaS Review Site 5: PCMag Business Reviews

PCMag Business Reviews, a renowned magazine specializing in technology and computing, has been a prominent publication since its establishment in 1982. It transitioned to an online version in 1994 and has since amassed an extensive database of technology product reviews, including those for SaaS products. The magazine primarily focuses on comparing products and providing ratings across various categories.

PCMag Business Reviews occupies a notable position in search engine rankings, specifically within the domain of SaaS products.

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