7 best SaaS marketing campaigns that’ll make you smile this year😀


07, 2022

Also, in 2022 SaaS companies are scratching their heads over how to market SaaS products via video. Big companies, for example, like Google and Oracle, are still stuck in the last decade; instead of looking for ways to make us laugh by watching their videos, they are still trying to get us goosebumps by watching their SaaS Marketing Campaigns. Meanwhile, the leading young SaaS companies in 2022 are looking for ways to put a smile on our faces. Yes. SaaS companies, like retail and eCommerce companies, also realized that humor in marketing works!

If you are still unsure that video marketing is for you. You are right. It isn’t for you; it is for your clients

85% of SaaS product customers want to see more video content!

Here are the 7 Best SaaS marketing videos that will make you smile 😊

SaaS Marketing Campaign #1: Constant Contact

Constant Contact, an American SaaS company founded in 2004, offers a newsletter and campaign management system. In their current video campaign, You can see an intimate relationship between a plumber and a client. Yes, there is such a thing.

Constant Contact | Serious Business Relationships | Plumber 35s

SaaS Marketing Campaign #2: Clickup

ClickUp, an American SaaS company founded in 2017, offers task managment software. (Similar to Trello, which is more familiar). And in their new video campaign, for example, they demonstrate their product – Whiteboards. What would have happened if the cavemen had a Whiteboard?  

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SaaS Marketing Campaign #3: Mentimeter

Mentimeter, a Swedish SaaS company, founded in 2014, offers Interactive presentation software. Their latest video campaign reminds people how scary it is to prepare a presentation.

Turn scary presentations into engaging conversations - with Mentimeter!

SaaS Marketing Campaign #4: Sentry

Sentry, an American SaaS company, founded in 2012, offers Application Monitoring and Error Tracking Software. In a new video series, Sentry demonstrates what they can’t fix – Sentry Can’t Fix This.

Sentry Can't Fix This

SaaS Marketing Campaign #5: Squarespace

Squarespace, an American SaaS company founded in 2004 as a Data storage company but now offers a platform for setting up eCommerce sites. In Squarespace’s latest campaign we meet Sally (Zendaya) and her Seashells Business. Check out what happened to her when she opened a store on Squarespace.

Sally's Seashells | Big Game Commercial 2022 | Squarespace

SaaS Marketing Campaign #6: Paycom

Paycom, an American SaaS company founded in 1998, offers Online Payroll Services and HR Payroll Software. In the company’s latest video campaign, we see why using the right tools is important  😉

The Right Tool for HR and Payroll

SaaS Marketing Campaign #7: Workday

Workday, an American SaaS company founded in 2005, offers an Enterprise Management Cloud that includes finance, HR, planning, and spend management solutions (ERP). In a new series of campaigns, Workday demonstrates that technically it is possible to find the best person for the job, but there’s another way.

Mathematician | Workday

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In conclusion: what have we learned from the 7 Best SaaS examples of marketing videos so far?

  • Good campaigns are short campaigns. A 30-second campaign can convey a lot of information in addition to being funny. SaaS Humor
  • The strength of a SaaS product versus a physical product is the apparent value for the customer. One crucial value certainly does the job of conveying the message.
  • A well-known marketing trick is to get potential customers to use their brand as a generic word. The best example, for instance, is Kleenex. People still ask if you have a Kleenex and not a tissue. It usually does not work, but you can always try. Squarespace it!
  • If you already have a funny video of your SaaS product. Use it! Your client managers will be happy to send a link to potential customers as part of an email or a message on LinkedIn.
  • Most importantly, do not be afraid to get dirty. If one of your biggest competitors has an evident weakness, take advantage of it! In a good sport kind of way, of course.
  • Celebs Celebs Celebs. Advertisements that incorporate famous people are memorable.
best SaaS Marketing Campaigns video marketing saas video
Best SaaS Marketing Campaigns 2022

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